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Il Sogno Del Marinaio - Wing And A Prayer 7" (IMP109)

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Il Sogno Del Marinaio - Wing And A Prayer 7" (IMP109)
  • Il Sogno Del Marinaio - Wing And A Prayer 7" (IMP109)

Special exclusive 7" from Il Sogno Del Marinaio, the avant-rock trio formed by legendary bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Stooges), cult Italian experimentalist Stefano Pilia (Massimo Volume, In Zaire, Afterhours, Rokia Traore) and drummer Paolo Mongardi (Zeus, Fuzz Orchestra, Fulkanelli).

Directly from fratello Mike Watt's words:

"the "wing and a prayer" seven inch on _improved sequence_ was a
product of the covid19 sitch around xmas of 2020. it was put together
remotely, w/me here in san pedro, california, usa while from italy
stefano pilia (in bologna) and paolo mongardi (in imola) brought what
they had from italy ... yes, the internet can be used for more than
spreading hate and lies - it can also be used to collaborate in the
spirit of artistic expression! cazzo, imagine that? il sogno del
marinaio had finished work w/their "terzo" album and I thought a good
way to rally the band would be to focus on a smaller release that
reflected the current sitch we were in - see, the basic tracks of
"terzo" were recorded in eleven months earlier here in my pedro town at
_casa hanzo_ (stefano pilia and paolo mongardi traveling here by plane)
so we had no idea what was ahead of us concerning the challenges of
that fucking virus sitch. now the "terzo" album was not finished
w/those basic tracks getting recorded, we had spiel (vocals) to add
plus other stuff and of course it had to be mixed (tim in wales did a
great job w/this - much respect to him!) so those experiences of those
early covid19 times got "superimposed" on the music that was created
right before it was on us, very trippy. that was a big reason I brought
the three tunes of this "wing and a prayer" seven inch to stefano pilia
and paolo mongardi - all they had was my bass but I believed they could
"take the ball and run w/it" cuz that's how powerful I believe music to
be: it can be able to overcome 'pert-near any hell trying to stomp it
down. stefano pilia chose "wing and a prayer" to mix, paolo mongardi
chose "tantrum" and I got what was left: "hail mary pass" - oh, I got
my buddies stephen perkins to help w/percussion and petra haden to help
w/singing, violin and mandolin. so one reality reality is w/these three
tunes is that no one is actually playing w/each other in real time on
this little record! it's all done by trading files via the internet...
the starting for all three tunes being was my bass - ain't that a trip?
shows how bass can be that springboard or launch pad I've always known
it could be when not aiding and abetting a tune after the fact - both
these "roles" for bass have been very interesting to me, going back to
my early days as a minutemen and writing tunes for d boon and george
hurley and by also bringing bass to their stuff."